Axiel – Your Personal Data Vault

Forrentech collaborated with Axiel in 2020 and created a platform that saves information and data. Axiel saves files, data, and any information with full and foolproof security thus giving its customers a secure place within their own control.

We took over Tech Stack in 2015 to take it to the new horizons of digitalization. It had become old and obsolete back then so we took the charge to build in new features and upgrades to the existing app. Furthermore, we added more security features to ensure the safety of our customer’s data.

Further Information:

Caters to all types of People

Axiel provides safety of information for all kinds of people. It provides the parents and the Caregivers a safe place to store information regarding their ward’s health, their mealtimes, and school records. Furthermore, it helps the travelers to keep their important information safe such as a copy of their passports, driving license, tickets, or birth certificates. It also helps individuals to store their personal and critical information secure as passwords, financial information, and health-related data.

Easily Accessible

Some people are reluctant to share their data through email. Axiel is specially designed for those people and gives them easy access to a platform that transfers information keeping its confidentiality. Furthermore, Axiel is easily accessible everywhere, just a device and internet are needed.