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We join hands with companies to grow their business and take them to the next level of success. Here is the portfolio of our products. Let’s have a look at it.

Axiel – Your Personal Data Vault

Forrentech collaborated with Axiel in 2020 and created a platform that saves information and data. Axiel saves files, data, and any information with full and foolproof security thus giving its customers a secure place within their own control.

We took over Tech Stack in 2015 to take it to the new horizons of digitalization. It had become old and obsolete back then so we took the charge to build in new features and upgrades to the existing app. Furthermore, we added more security features to ensure the safety of our customer’s data.

Wosh – An Online laundry Solution

Forrentech extended its services by digitalizing the laundry services like other fields. In collaboration with Wosh, we created a platform where office workers can safely book their slots for their laundry and get them delivered to their workplace.

Brolz – Manage your Inventory in the easiest way possible!

Finding equipment can be hectic when entrusted to an employee or loaned to a customer. What does it exactly look like? Where did you see it last time? These are generally the questions we ask while finding equipment.

But BROLZ got you covered!

BROLZ is an online Android inventory management application, optimized for industrial mobile terminals, and coupled with a WEB reporting interface. It follows the idea that an industrial IT tool must be as simple and ergonomic as an App on your smartphone.